6 Reasons to Write a Blog

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High-quality business content takes a lot of time to develop, but most of the content we write does not serve us in the long run. In this article, I will give you 6 great reasons why you should consider starting a business blog.

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Most of my Facebook feed is blown away by small business owners who post about their business and hope for high exposure for their service.

For some, it certainly works. Posting on Facebook works sporadically, depending on the writing skills of the writer and the connection and relevance for their target audience.

But when we operate in a changing landscape of technology that is not in our control, we miss the main benefits content marketing can provide our business.

In my opinion, small businesses must develop a strong digital presence to communicate with their relevant audience. And that’s why most SMBs spend their energy creating content for social networks.

Those who became self-employed three years ago or more saw how the percentage of exposure to their posts decreased over time. The number of likes had fallen. The number of comments had dwindled. Every month we hear about a change in the algorithm of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks.

Business-wise, I have to take my hat off to social media. This need that they have created, is their engine of growth.

As a business owner (of a content marketing strategy, no less), I worry that the content I create and share with my audience may not be mine. I won’t have control over it and every day my page or profile on social media can be shut down by a Mega-Organization that is taking care of its own interests. And then what?

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I must invest more in blogging.

Because you read me and by now you know that some of my advice is written in blood, you should open a blog and preach your truth there. On this page, I’ll lay out some compelling reasons, which you will hopefully take seriously, and start a blog.

But the double-edged sword of social media is not the only reason why you should invest in a blog. One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness is through a consistent blog, which distributes relevant content relevant to its target audience. In general, a blog is a cheap and simple way for small businesses to bring traffic to their website. This will improve marketing and of course, attract relevant customers. Furthermore, it will produce ambassadors who will spread your brand’s message. You must have noticed that after about 15 seconds, you had an offer to sign up for my newsletter in a pop-up. This is for example a very effective way to turn random readers into content-groupies, and this process was made possible first and foremost because you came in to read this article on the blog.

If this introduction has not yet convinced you, I would love to give you some points that will make it clear to you once and for all, why you should start writing a blog, yesterday!

1. You want your information to be searchable.

auto-fill to my name and lead to my blog

One of the clear goals of your business is to be searchable in the main search engines (like Google). Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are closed platforms. The posts and content you write belong to these networks. The result is that, after a while, sometimes just a couple of days, your posts become irrelevant and will be buried. In other words, their exposure will die off. 

Once you write your own business blog, which is on a website you own, the content is indexed by Google. This means that a blog post will still be accessible two years after it was written. Of course, it has SEO rules and all sorts of Google guidelines, but – your blog is accessible and your content works for you regardless of one feed or another. There is no deterioration in the quality of the content.

When a business consistently creates blog posts, they are constantly providing Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others with updated content for indexing. Accordingly, the result of searching for certain words.

Once we have used the relevant keywords, that is, phrases that our audience uses to search for the types of services or products we offer, we can assume that more potential customers will be exposed to our


2. Blogs make the relationships with existing and new clients stronger

It is always amazing to me how we live in an endless obsession with the engagement of posts (yes, I do too), even though the “hype” around them is so short-lived.

There is no doubt that engagement is a very significant component in marketing and branding in the digital world.

Glad to tell you that blogging provides an amazing opportunity to connect with our audience on the one hand. This gives us the opportunity to invite a real conversation on the other side of the table.

Because I do not suddenly believe in takeover bids and understand that there is a process of “warming up” before customers purchase our products and services, this blog is just the right opportunity to build trust spiced up with quality and relevant content.

3. Writing a blog makes you an authority

It’s cool that your business is a one-person show. It doesn’t matter at all how small your business is if your business is in its first year and you do not have an audience just yet.

A blog is an amazing way to show your knowledge, the value you have to give, and let others know you. Slowly but surely.

I have already mentioned that blogging is a helpful way to build trust with our target audience. But it is also a safe way to establish a presence and authority in the market we’d like to build our reputation in.

I guess that makes sense to you. The content you create and publish will build your brand, as long as it is quality, relevant and consistent. While blogging, your prospects get a taste of the knowledge you have gained, the business adventures you have experienced. In addition, they get a glimpse into your unique ways of thinking.

The more content you write, the more established your status in your market will be. Your brand will gain more traction if more people use your blog as a “tool” and a “resource” for everything. Those loyal readers are what make the wheels turn. They will eventually recommend you, become your fan base and

the paying customers which make all this work worthwhile.

4. A blog increases the awareness of your brand

after posting a new blog bost

What else do we need? Increasing awareness of our business is all we need to develop and grow. It is known that creating brand awareness is a very critical component of marketing and advertising. Writing a consistent blog will allow you to convey your brand messages time and time again. Bring your values and personality to the audience. By and large, give them a reason why you, of all the service providers they know (and they know a lot), deserve to give them a service.

Blog articles help you create a unique voice that attracts the right audience and raises awareness.

As a general rule, a successful blog is written in almost spoken language, and not in lyrical language that is difficult to understand. Your personality will come through in the articles. Pour your humor, cynicism, or pure innocence inside. Let your audience know who you are and what you stand for.

Ultimately, in small businesses (and in one-person shows in particular) there is an overlap between the brand and the personality of the founder.

When people connect with you personally, they will remember you and they will want to work with you. It only makes sense that we would prefer to receive service from people we trust. So blog! A blog will make others connect with you and like you. It doesn’t matter if they like you due to your charismatic personality or because you are cynical and evil. The real audience that relates to your values, will like you.

5. A blog will help increase your followers

Each article on your blog has its own unique URL. This means it’s easy to simply send a link to other people who find this content relevant.

Which by and large means that if you work right, you can also convert new visitors into loyal readers over time. 

If you take this idea to extremes, there is potential for viral traffic and spikes in the number of people entering your website. This is exactly the opportunity to take advantage of the various social networks and platforms. With the help of sharing buttons, readers can share the direct link to the blog, tweet it or

email it to a friend. You will make sure to write excellent content and let your followers do their thing.

6. A blog gives you control over your marketing

obviously nailed it in Hebrew… let’s do English next

A blog is on a website that you own. You own the content, you decide what appears on the front of the digital asset, you are responsible for the content. A blog is yours.

No one can take this content away from you or change an algorithm and hurt your exposure.

From the blog, you can create mailing lists, lead to stores with digital courses (you must see my updated store, it’s on the Hebrew version of my site, by the way, I love it!), encourage contacting you, and a million other options. What this actually means is that as long as your content is engaging and relevant, you can strategically plan the marketing funnels of your business at a low cost.

Through tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar, you can measure the quality of your digital assets, make changes and be a master of your own destiny. Finally.


All of our businesses need more exposure and quality followers.

If writing is your cup of tea, I really recommend writing a blog. As long as you can write well, you’ll be fine. Don’t give this task to someone else. In my opinion, outsourcing your blog writing hurts your authenticity, and will undermine your true brand awareness.

A blog allows you to own a digital asset and controls its quality and content.

Yes, blogging takes time and energy and sometimes even deducts a few good years of life from staring at the screen. Remember, it’s a long-term game and the benefits are totally worth it.


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