I’m Keren

I find the digital world fascinating.
The way words form messages that create trust and call certain audiences to take action. Gentle customer journeys that make the difference between “another brand” and “THE” brand we’d like to be associated with.

The same words create a unique angle for our story and make it memorable.

Prior to my long-lasting reign over the worlds of branding, storytelling, and content strategies, I had to go through other content worlds that today allow me a holistic view and a deep understanding of everything related to digital, user experience, and sales.

For over a decade I held senior sales and project management positions. Within these positions, I saw opportunities to fill my toolbox with more and more skills. I gave lectures, built training, learned from my employees about their points of view and talents, gave my opinion on marketing strategies, wrote, edited, and rebuilt – I took whatever I could to enrich my skills and become better at what I do.

With time, I became a master at integrating different fields, ideas and principles from one discipline into another. That’s how I became that woman who on the one hand is a rough sales manager and on the other hand tells stories. Among other things, she teaches herself various practices and passes this knowledge on to others. Despite living in a rapidly changing world, I never forget what the basis is.

As a result, all these skills, tools, and experiences are now channeled into creating strategic content programs that transform businesses into high-quality brands.

When they ask me what I do best, I say that I translate marketing messages into beautiful websites, words and messages into sharp brand stories.

If you consider your brand to be something others should know about, I would love to work with you. Feel free to send a message and we’ll take it from there…

Storyteller | Consultant | Lecturer | Improving digital assets

Core Values