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As your partner, I will look at your product or service with fresh eyes and find the interesting angles of your compelling story. Together, we’ll help your brand increase exposure, awareness and build your business reputation.

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My gut feeling is that you got here through a recommendation, an article you read, or a video you saw online. No matter how you got here – I’m glad we have the opportunity to connect.

I am here to help you crack your special story, build your brand messages and brand voice in order to translate them into digital and marketing assets.

Let me be your marketing partner. You might already have a marketing department, or you might not have one yet. You might know exactly what you want to say and you might find yourself speechless. No worries, together, we will build the right marketing strategy for YOUR brand.

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ReBuilding Marketing

Creating a strong base for your brand, while choosing the most suitable marketing channels and building a strategic marketing plan that supports your goals. This will help to support the growth of the right audiences around your business

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Marketing Assets Creation

Strategic lectures, company profile, investor’s deck and one pagers are key marketing assets. Besides building them, we will also create the right customer journeys for them to maximize your marketing funnels

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Digital Assets Building

It’s your choice! Building a brand-new website from scratch or improving an existing one. We will develop the concept, the story, write the content and offer advice on the design to increase awareness of your brand or service. This will differentiate you from the competition

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Erez Shemesh
Mashkanta Check

I reached out to Keren in order to improve conversions on my mortgage consulting website.
The work with her was very thorough. Long in-depth conversations, characterization of the process, and several sketches to choose from.
Both the visuals and the messages leading to the sale were meticulous. I am very satisfied with the result and the stream of leads that comes. A professional foundation. The process of working with her is very pleasant

Willem Kooiman
Founder & CEO

Keren from Method Queen is fantastic to work with. Not only did she assist me in crafting my brand story, but she also helped develop a solid foundation for my brand with a wireframe and content marketing strategy. Keren always goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients are happy with the final product. If you have an opportunity to work with her, don’t hesitate!

Vika Raz
Marketing Director

Super professional, in-depth work process.Excellent communicator with high quality deliverables.A pleasure to work with.

Avi Morlevi
NLP Master

I have never met a business owner who cares as much about the success of her customers as Keren does.
She is a marketing genius, really bright, full of energy, and has an endless desire for success.
I highly recommend working with her ❤️❤️

Gil Ben-Hur
Founder & CEO

As part of our rebranding process, we asked Keren to help us to rephrase the brand narrative. Keren took full ownership of the project, and soon was integral part of our inner strategic team, unlike any other 3rd party we were engaged with.As the project progressed, Keren had constantly expanded her duties and responsibilities. That shows her dedication attitude with the most generous and professional approach.Keren offers a unique blend of creativeness, YES CAN DO attitude, agile approach toward changes when needed. She is fast to adapt changes in the plan, and extremally open minded.Keren’s qualities make her a rare professional to engage with, and by her inspiring nature she lead us to squeeze the unique essence of our brand-story.Thank you Keren.

Israel Taliker
Johnson & Johnson
Business Developer

Hi Keren, one of the most insightful lectures I’ve attended. Despite the difficulty of it being on ZOOM, I was attentive throughout. The lecture was very focused and well-organized according to our organization’s needs for women’s empowerment. Keren received lots of positive feedback. Highly recommend it and would be happy to work with you again in the future 👍

Yonatan Mordechai

Would you like to be an authority in your field? Want to find a place that is unique to you in a competitive market? Would you like to make money from what you love? It seems to me that the answer lies with Keren Rightler in her ‘Storytelling’ course. In this wonderful and helpful course, I gained many tools to realize my vision and above all, how to tell my story – in every detail – to myself, to my followers, and to my future clients. So thank you Keren for a fascinating journey. It will be with me for a long time! You are a real queen! ❤️

Amit Tzifrut

We chose Keren to tighten up our digital assets and rebrand the website and our messages, and today we are already reaping the benefits of our decision.
You are an amazing woman. You are able to convey your knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner. You explain anything that is not clear until it is 100% clear. You are full of knowledge and giving, and I am thankful for the whole process we underwent with you.
In short – everything related to content strategy, story-generating revenue, and having fun in the process, reach out to Keren Rightler

Lital Ben-Moshe

The lovely Keren conducted two sessions for us in English.
From the very beginning of the session preparation, it was a delight to work with Keren and to see how meaningful and significant the sessions turned out to be. She gave us the finest service there is. She worked on the sessions strictly and adapted them, especially for us, with an emphasis on the target audience and the goals we wanted to achieve. She created precise presentations, with visualization and visibility that support the content, and encourage engagement (and also joy and excitement :-)) The sessions themselves were very successful. They felt that they had received practical tools in addition to inspiration.
The scores and responses Keren got in the survey after the sessions said it all. A pleasure to see. Highly recommended!

Efrat Atar
Storytelling Underground

There are many good people around who know a thing or two about storytelling and branding, but there is only one Keren! With charm and energies that are unique to her, accurate insights, professionalism and innovation, she will teach you the really significant things that need to be done to promote your business. Always with a smile, patience, and plenty of examples. Very recommended.


My goal is to provide readers with insights that will help my audience develop a dialogue around creating quality content that will make them an authority. This will help them in their business, along with developing the appropriate skills that will help them achieve business success

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