A Compelling Headline Will Make People Pause Specifically for Your Content

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When thinking about it, there are many places where you can use headlines: in a blog, email marketing, Instagram carousel, and even in Reel’s cover.

However, not every headline suits every type of content, and this article mainly focuses on headlines for blog articles.

Nevertheless, you can take the principles and tailor the headline to the appropriate language of the platform where you intend to publish. In my opinion, it’s important to understand the rationale and then adapt the style to both your preferences and the network where you are posting.

You know, something people often overlook is that when you’re writing content, it’s crucial to focus on what your audience wants to read, not just what you want to say. The key to grabbing their attention lies in crafting a headline that resonates with them and speaks directly to their needs.

When we tailor our content to what interests our audience, addressing their problems and leaving room for their experiences, that’s when we truly engage them.

Ultimately, when it comes to delivering value, many business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve come across are busy sharing their knowledge. But here’s the thing: they often miss the mark by simply regurgitating what can be easily found on Google.

Your audience will only tune in if what you’re saying is worth their while. It’s all about offering unique insights, reaching conclusions that make them think, or shedding new light on common topics in a refreshing way.

As someone who works in marketing consulting, I’ve seen plenty of folks produce fantastic content, only to have their target audience breeze past it because the headline doesn’t grab their attention or address their specific problem.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to explore the art of crafting headlines and how they can make our audience stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to what we have to say. How can we stand out from the crowd and entice people to listen to us without sounding like everyone else?

Here’s a stat I came across in a lecture about a year ago (though it might have shifted slightly since then): On average, only about 20% of the people who see your content’s headline will actually click on it. That means even top-notch headlines miss out on 80% of potential readers, including those who might be interested in brands like yours.

But with a compelling headline that speaks directly to your audience’s needs and offers a solution to their real problems or speaks to their experiences, you can significantly boost traffic to your content. Some major brands have even reported increases of up to 500%.

So, what does a good headline do?

It really depends on who’s writing and where their audience is coming from. As content creators, our main goal is to support our readers in their growth. Sure, we’re ultimately aiming to guide them through a marketing funnel, to make them fond of us, and hopefully, to purchase from us. But let’s take a couple of steps back.

The most strategic and impactful content for a business is the kind that nurtures trust between us and our target audience. It’s the content that strikes a chord with them, speaks to their fears, problems, and experiences – the content that makes them feel understood.

And you know what? When you truly grasp what they’re going through, helping them becomes a whole lot easier, doesn’t it?

Here are 4 types of headlines you should know and use, and another 3 good types of headlines that are just worth knowing 🙂

Headlines that answer questions

Sure thing! Here’s the revised version:

So, here’s the deal: some of the stuff we write for our business gets pretty technical.

But hey, no matter how awesome our content is, if folks can’t find it, it’s like shouting into the void. In other words, total waste of time!

Now, when it comes to headlines, the real magic happens when we answer the questions our peeps are asking, using the same words they’d type into Google.

For instance:

➡️ “Yoga vs. Pilates: Which is Right for You?”

➡️ “Tips for Removing Turmeric Stains from White Shirts”

➡️ “How Much Protein Should You Eat Daily? Exploring Plant-Based Options”

These examples reflect the specific terms our audience is looking for. So, it’s essential to have this kind of technical content on our website for organic search purposes.

Of course, we can jazz up these headlines to make them more engaging:

➡️ “Choosing Your Practice: Understanding the Difference between Yoga and Pilates”

➡️ “Say Goodbye to Stubborn Turmeric Stains: Effective Shirt Stain Removal Tips”

➡️ “Going Plant-Based: Discovering Your Daily Protein Needs”

Google is smart enough to recognize that these headlines still address the same user queries.

However, it’s crucial to note that I’ve still included the key terms that Google searches for.

The lazy headline

כותרות לעצלנים - The lazy headline

Let’s talk about what I like to call “lazy headlines” – you know, the ones that offer a quick fix for something.

As I mentioned earlier, when we’re writing, it’s all about focusing on what our audience really wants or needs, not just what we feel like writing about.

Now, here’s the thing: most of the time, our audience isn’t necessarily looking for the best way to do something. Nope, they just want the easiest way.

Let me paint you a picture with an example.

I’ve got this colleague who put together this massive guide on marketing and how to kickstart promoting a business. He threw in all sorts of complicated marketing funnels and how to build them, covered a whole year’s worth of content, and even delved into customer journeys and building trust.

I’m telling you, it was some seriously impressive and mind-blowing stuff.

But here’s the kicker: the headline? It was something basic like ‘Everything You Need to Know About Marketing.’

Sure, it got tons of downloads. But here’s the punchline: according to a survey he ran, no one actually finished reading the darn thing.

See, our customers come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to their readiness and willingness to dive deep into content.

Now, I’m not saying we should dumb down our content. But let’s face it, a guide packed with info might be a bit overwhelming for most of our audience to digest.

To really lead and engage our audience, especially when it comes to consuming deeper content, it’s smarter to start with bite-sized pieces. You know, quick and easy content.

Those headlines? They offer a snappy solution to something bugging our audience. And if our marketing funnel’s on point, it’ll eventually lead them to the good stuff – the deeper content.


➡️ A small change in the menu that will help you lose weight.

➡️ The app that will help you save more money.

➡️ 5-second makeup that will make you look a million dollars.

What I dislike about such headlines is that they create a promise. And if the content doesn’t really fulfill that promise, it’s clickbait that causes frustration among the audience. Thus, instead of helping us build a community around us, we create a sense of insincerity.

If you promise a quick bite that helps achieve something, make sure your content really fulfills that promise.

Speak to Your Audience.

כותרת ״דברו לקהל שלכם״  - Speak to Your Audience

I really love headlines that speak to me or to who I want to be.

In fact, we all love headlines that speak to us.

This type of headline will help you tailor your message to a specific audience that identifies with a certain definition and increase the chances that they will enter your content.

Headlines like:

➡️ “Vegans in Action: 8 Meat Alternatives You Should Know”

➡️ “This Jeans is the Choice of Tel Avivians for 2023”

➡️ “The Running Technique that Helps Marathon Runners Save Energy”

Let’s chat about how these kinds of headlines can be real game-changers.

On one hand, they make it super easy for us to find content that’s spot-on relevant. Take me, for example – I’m a proud vegan, so naturally, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest meat substitutes.

But here’s the kicker: those headlines aren’t just for folks who are already in the know. Nope, they can also catch the eye of those who aspire to be.

Take the examples of Tel Avivians and marathon runners, for instance. Sure, they speak directly to Tel Avivians and hardcore runners. But they could also pique the interest of women who dig that Tel Aviv vibe or folks who love running but aren’t quite ready to tackle a full-blown marathon – yet.

And let’s talk about those slightly clickbaity headlines, shall we? You know, the ones that scream, “Hey, wanna know the secret to success?” They’re kinda like catnip for folks hungry for success. Hey, if that’s your jam, go for it.

But here’s the kicker: we don’t wanna overdo it with the buzz-worthy headlines. It’s like eating too much candy – it gets old real quick. Plus, we wanna make sure we’re keeping it real with our audience.

So, instead of casting a wide net and talking to just any old business owner, I’m all about zeroing in on specific groups. Think therapists, yoga gurus, digital course wizards, content creators – you name it. By honing in on these niches, we can have way more meaningful conversations with folks who really vibe with what we’re putting out there.

Boosting Authority

A good title that boosts authority

כותרת שמעלה את המוניטין - A good title that boosts authority

It’s funny, I’m writing an article to help you be more searchable on Google, but I’m going to write the following sentence – if your content feels like any other content you can find on Google, it’s not good content.

In general, I feel nauseous reading content that feels like it’s copied, from service providers to business owners.

You have a lot to say. You have experience to learn from. You have a statement that will help differentiate you and your contribution to the world – stop copying content.

It’s okay to take inspiration, direction for writing – but the content must be yours.

The next type of headlines I want to talk about is headlines that crown you as an authority.

They invite the audience to learn from you.

Examples of such headlines:

➡️ “7 Technological Tools I Use Every Day to Increase Productivity”

➡️ “The Biggest Mistake I Made When I Went Freelance”

➡️ “My Personal Content Strategy for Download”

What’s beautiful about this type of content is that it’s most likely original from you.

And even more beautiful, if written correctly, it can lead many people to appreciate your action, start following you, and enter the marketing funnel of your business.

See, there are many more types of headlines.

I mainly hate headline stickers that make me click on them, and then the content disappoints.

Without dwelling on them, I’ll put a few more examples of headlines here, just quickly, make sure you use them wisely and not just to mark on your content.


כותרת טובה תגרום לאנשים לעצור דווקא על התוכן שלך - A Compelling Headline Will Make People Pause Specifically for Your Content

List headlines

Somehow, we love list posts.

They attract a wide audience and cause many clicks compared to other types of articles. For example, “10 Leading Ways to Improve Efficiency at Work.”

Fear headlines

These headlines feed on our desire to belong.

We all want to avoid known mistakes. For example, “Don’t Make These 6 Common Writing Mistakes.”

Stay Tuned headlines

We don’t want to be the last to know.

If there’s something readers need to know, it’s worth writing about it. For example, “Essential Positive Techniques to Know for Personal Growth.”

If I need to summarize this article, and I need 🙂, I’ll just say that it’s important to know these headlines and what’s behind them, mainly so you can make an informed decision in everything related to your content.

My biggest fear as a content creator is that I will hear, see, and perceive like everyone else.

It’s scary because I know the alternative is simply to disappear, that they won’t stop at my content, and so the brand development will stop.

If you have something to say, that’s great.

Just always think about what value comes out of it for your audience and what they would want to get from you.

Choosing a headline is the easy part.

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